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Why Looking Glass ?

Studies show great benefits from the subtle, human moments and interactions in our workday.
The water cooler moments; working together on a common goal; or just hanging out with your workmates at lunch.
Working remotely, this becomes difficult and we call this the Presence Barrier.
Looking Glass - Workplace makes it possible to overcome the Presence Barrier while still maintaining your own privacy.

Unlimited Connection Time

Looking Glass is designed to let you be connected permanently during your workday (except when you're on a break by yourself), so your session will never time out. Let the app sit on a corner of your desk and get on with your work.

Simple and Powerful

Getting started is as simple as installing our app and logging in to the account your employer sets up for you. Press a button and you're at work, ready to sit alongside your workmates or establish your subtle presence at the office.

Privacy Guaranteed

Privacy is at the heart of what we do, and you are always in control of how you show up to work via your Looking Glass.

How to use Looking Glass?


Apply for access for your business and request the number of accounts you need (2 is the minimum, so you have someone to talk to!).

Set up your users

We give you access to set up your users. If you need, you can associate certain users with each other to create rooms (with multiple users having open access), or you can even set up home/office pairs that facilitate an automated telepresence from home.

Connect with Others

Connect to a colleague; enter a Room, be present on your device at the office; or just register the start of your workday so your colleagues know you're available to connect.

Special Places: Rooms

A room is a special place because you can enter the room and anyone else there will automatically connect to you for a chat or just to hang out while you're all doing work. You can create unlimited rooms and place up to 5 colleagues in each room. Then, you all just wait or proactively call all of those colleagues at once to come to the room.

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Plan Options

Smaller groups (teams) or a couple of colleagues who do not need one of our targeted workplace solutions can easily sign up to our Basics Plan.

It's simple, easy, cost-effective; and includes everything you need to stay connected all day long. Basic metrics such as attendance, connection status, and showing each colleague's live availability status are included in the Basics Plan.

Add as many colleagues (users) to your plan as you need at any time and create unlimited Rooms with any combination of 2-5 users to enter and exit any time.

Basics Plan


Per device, per month (+GST)
[2 devices minimum]

  • 1:1 colleague connections
    Connect with any colleague
    Unlimited duration
  • Home/Office device pairs
  • Multi-office, single user
  • Unlimited rooms (2-5 people)
    with private sidebar
  • Privacy Mode (on/off/auto)
  • Status/Availability Sharing
  • Core Metrics (presence etc)
  • Works through firewalls
  • Bandwidth optimisation
  • Credit card subscription only
  • Unlimited free app updates
  • iOS + Android + Mac/PC browser apps
  • Carbon Negative
    (Coming Soon)
  • Charitable Payout Usage
    (Coming Soon)
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Targeted Workplace Solutions


Customised integrations and deployment

  • Examples include:

    Care Hub
    Secure Hub
    App licensing


Download Looking Glass Today!

If your business has signed up to Looking Glass already, ask your HR administrator for your login credentials and download the app today to get started.

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Media Release 29 Sep 2023